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Newsletter – Issue 25

Newsletter – Issue 25
February 23, 2021 A.J. Brown

Newsletter – Issue 25

Meeting the Needs of Clients and Their Patients

Signature Medical Group, one of the largest physician-owned medical groups in the St. Louis and Kansas City metropolitan areas, is one of A.J. Brown’s many satisfied clients. “We’ve partnered with A.J. Brown on several projects over the years,” says Kevin Laney, director of operations for Signature Medical Group. “The A.J. Brown team is always easy to work with and is attentive to the inevitable questions and issues that arise during and after construction.”

The most recent collaboration between Signature Medical Group and A.J. Brown was the renovation of 3,900 square feet of medical office space in an existing building in south St. Louis County. As has been true for most aspects of life for the better part of 2020, a global pandemic added some complexity to this project. Meetings and updates between A.J. Brown and the client were held virtually, and considerable care was taken so that the construction team could work and remain healthy. Despite these pressures, the project was completed in the planned three-month schedule.

A.J. Brown worked with an additional complicating factor during construction: While the contracted space was being renovated, other parts of the building continued to serve physicians, clinicians and their patients. To accommodate this necessity, the demolition and construction teams often scheduled their activities for evening hours. Additionally, A.J. Brown built a separation wall to isolate the renovation space from other parts of the building.

The project itself included demolition of existing ceilings and floors, and the installation of new doors, flooring, ceiling and lights. In the building’s shared lobby space, we installed new check-in and check-out desks, then demolished the existing desks. And we ensured that the interior of this shared space was finished to match the existing waiting room. The contract with Signature totaled $247,327.

On all projects, we work to overcome unforeseen obstacles that can delay completion and increase costs. In this instance, a longer than normal lead time for manufacture and delivery of the new lobby desks presented a potential problem. But our team was up to the challenge and kept the project on schedule.

We at A.J. Brown take pride in serving clients who serve our community. Our work with medical groups like Signature helps make life better for everyone.

“As is often true in construction, unforeseen conditions for this project required us to make a lot of quick decisions. Thanks to a team that is both experienced and flexible, we were able to adhere to our client’s high standards and meet the timeline.”

Darrell VankyGrifka
Project Manager
A.J. Brown, Inc.

Working for you

A.J. Brown is committed to clear communication and time-proven management strategies, all designed to deliver a construction project that meets client goals. “We make it our business to understand our clients’ business objectives so we can help them succeed,” says Rendleman. “We’re here to make you look good.”

If you’re looking for the right partner for your next construction project, talk to A.J. Brown. You can reach Doug Rendleman at 636-537-3636.