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Newsletter – Issue 08

Newsletter – Issue 08
July 7, 2015 A.J. Brown

Newsletter – Issue 08

Building with precision to take our clients forward.

Metal Exchange Headquarters Shines in Westport

This St. Louis-based company is one of the most diverse suppliers, processors, and purchasers of non-ferrous metals in the world, and does business in 30 countries with representatives throughout the world.

A.J. Brown completed the 38,000 square-foot construction project for Metal Exchange in the Gold Tower at Westport. Metal Exchange previously occupied office space over multiple floors, but wanted a larger, more modern space all on one floor.

This gorgeous, new space better reflects the strong, successful company. An open layout allows natural light to enter nearly every square foot, and state-of-the-art furniture includes motorized desks that can be raised and lowered by the push of a button. It will serve as a showcase-worthy headquarters to take Metal Exchange well into the future.

MRIs are built to exacting specifications for our clients.

Physics, Medicine and Construction Combine for Precise MRI Replacements

We recently completed three major MRI replacement projects in the St. Louis area. Medical facility construction presents a unique set of challenges. A.J. Brown has extensive experience working in these environments, and we know how to get the job done right. We implement flexible and creative solutions to allow business to continue while work takes place, ensuring minimal disruption.

Each of these replacements involved sizable MRI machines, requiring the removal of exterior walls to get them out of their outpatient medical buildings. For these projects, window curtain walls and/or drywall framing walls were removed to create pathways to the existing MRI rooms.

When building a room to house an MRI, each room must be lined forming a copper box. The copper keeps sounds waves, transitions, and other variables that can affect proton readings from entering the space. A physicist is required to design the copper box based on the MRI equipment, and A.J. Brown follows the physicist’s instructions building the box and space. The room is then tested, with proof and acceptance coming from accuracy and resolution of MRI images obtained after installation.

Excel Imaging

We designed and built a delivery system for the removal and replacement of an outdated MRI owned by Esse Health. This included physicist study/acceptance and testing of the system.

Signature Health

This design/build project also called for development of a delivery system for removal and replacement of an outdated MRI. Physicist study/acceptance and testing of the system was included.

Emerson Road Imaging Center

Dr. Mike Milne hired A.J. Brown to renovate his existing MRI facility. The design/build/renovation project included new MRI installation, HVAC, electric, office space, technical area, and a lounge.