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Newsletter – Issue 02

Newsletter – Issue 02
January 26, 2011 A.J. Brown

Newsletter – Issue 02

Construction On New Downtown Apartment Building a Quick Success

A.J. Brown has completed construction on the PD George Building, one of the newest high-rise apartment building renovations in downtown St. Louis. Formerly known as Ford Apartments, the 14-story PD George Building consists of 36 total apartments spanning over 12 floors, with the first two floors reserved for commercial and retail use.

Construction of the PD George Building wrapped up on February 11, 2010, exactly one year from starting the process, making it one of the fastest construction projects to take place in downtown over the last year. While managing the PD George project, A.J. Brown participated in the St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative, a collaborative effort among companies, organizations and agencies to help local companies build successful diversity programs.

Brewery Tradition Alive More Than Ever in St. Louis

It’s no secret that St. Louis has a rich history with beer, and A.J. Brown is proud to add breweries to its list of completed projects. A.J. Brown Principal, Doug Rendleman, jumped at the opportunity to help convert the old Falstaff Brewery in Midtown into a craft brewery called, “Six Row Brewing Company.” “Right around the time that InBev took over Anheuser-Busch, a few friends approached me about doing the construction,” says Doug. “I just really liked the timing and thought it would be a fun project.”

Doug was hired on as the Project Executive behind the brewery’s construction and oversaw the entire process until Six Row opened for business on December 5, 2009. The choice of Six Row’s new building preserves the proud past that was once the historic Falstaff Brewery with a new foundation for a bright future. A.J. Brown reconfigured the historic building to facilitate a new copper seven-barrel brewing system. The system includes fermentation tanks and a cooling system, steam boiler system, walk-in coolers and brite tanks. In addition to the brew operations area, restaurant space and a retail bar were designed for on-site sale of kegs, growlers and beer by the glass.

Haiti One Year Later: Milot Mission Shows Progress

In February 2010, A.J. Brown Principal Doug Rendleman and other St. Louis business leaders traveled to the Haitian village of Milot with a mission to facilitate the construction of support buildings on the Hôpital Sacré Coeur campus. January 12, 2011 marked the earthquake’s first anniversary, and Doug can proudly say that progress is showing. “The building that I worked on is now complete,” says Doug. “It has been a privilege to be a part of this experience and I really look forward to future projects for the hospital’s campus.”

Hôpital Sacré Coeur is the only reliable medical provider in the Milot region and is responsible for providing public health services to the entire region’s population of 225,000. With the aftermath of the tragic earthquake, the “Center for the Rural Development of Milot,” or CRUDEM, had plans to permanently expand the hospital campus.

Doug has been participating with CRUDEM since 2009 and has plans on going back to Milot in 2011 to work on another building.

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