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Newsletter – Issue 05

Newsletter – Issue 05
December 4, 2012 A.J. Brown

Newsletter – Issue 05

Constructing the First Paula Deen-branded Restaurant Outside of the South

Longtime customer Caesars Entertainment contracted with A.J. Brown, for the third time, to construct a Paula Deen buffet in Joliet, Illinois. Being the first location the chain opened outside of the south, it was important to keep the southern charm the Deen-branded buffet chain is well known for. “We worked closely with Caesars management and Paula Deen’s Executive Chef to make sure aesthetic appeal and the food presentation goals were both met,” said Daniel B. Steuber, VP/Principal, A.J. Brown.

A.J. Brown worked closely with the design team to transform the existing buffet into a southern style Paula Deen restaurant. “Our challenge was to construct the project using as many existing core walls and previous buffet line equipment because of a reduced budget,” said Steuber. By working together as a team with Caesars, A.J. Brown was able to deliver the 15,000 square foot project under budget and on time.

Kelly English Steakhouse dining rooms at Hollywood Casino St. Louis.

Kelly English Steakhouse Prevails

Kelly English Steakhouse was a project that showed persistence and patience wins in the end. A.J. Brown worked with Harrah’s Casino for over 2 years developing budgets and designs which ultimately led to bringing Kelly English Steakhouse to St. Louis. Indicative of the economy, Harrah’s needed to find what venue at the right, affordable price would work in the area.

Due to a long-standing relationship with Harrah’s, A.J. Brown was committed to supporting the team with their efforts until the right formula was found. “We were rewarded with the contract and transformed the dated existing steakhouse into the fresh and upscale look of the Kelly English Steakhouse,” said Daniel Steuber, VP/Principal, A.J. Brown. The new restaurant took the place of the Range Steakhouse and added 40 percent more dining space bringing celebrity Chef Kelly English’s blend of French-Creole and Southern cuisine to St. Louis. The 8,000 square foot project came in on time and under budget. The restaurant continues to operate under the new ownership of Penn Gaming at Hollywood Casino St. Louis.


Newly remodeled generator building for Hôpital Sacré Coeur, Haiti.

Keeping the Lights On For Hôpital Sacré Coeur

A.J. Brown continues to make a difference in the lives of Haitians by donating materials and design assistance for the newly remodeled generator building for the Hôpital Sacré Coeur. The organization was gifted new generator equipment which required a complete remodel of the generator building.

The new building was a top priority as the generator provides the only source for electricity for the hospital. As part of the remodel, A.J. Brown donated materials and design assistance, specifically for the roofing assembly. “Through our relationship with local St. Louis Sheet Metal company, Fabri-Tech, we were able to get the roofing sheet metal designed and donated by Jim Van Becelaere, Owner of Fabri-Tech,” said Doug Rendleman, Principal, A.J. Brown.

Hôpital Sacré Coeur is the only reliable medical provider in the Milot region in Northern Hati and is responsible for providing public health services to the entire region’s population of 225,000. With the aftermath of the tragic earthquake, the “Center for the Rural Development of Milot,” or CRUDEM, has plans to permanently expand the hospital campus.

Doug has been participating with CRUDEM since 2009 and has personally participated in the construction of other buildings for the hospital.