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Newsletter – Issue 26

Newsletter – Issue 26
March 26, 2021 A.J. Brown

Newsletter – Issue 26

New Life in a Historic Building

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, located on Telegraph Road in south St. Louis County, has a history that reaches back to 1940, when the congregation was established. The church’s sanctuary was moved from its original location at Jefferson Barracks Military Post land, where it served as the chapel, to its current location. 

A.J. Brown was hired to remodel the sanctuary, and work on Phase I of a two-phase project that began on June 10, 2020. The scope of Phase I included:

  • New HVAC systems
  • Electric and lighting upgrades
  • Demolition of the existing HVAC mezzanine and surrounding walls to allow for the creation of a 15-foot vaulted ceiling in the vestibule
  • Relocation of the main entrance from the back of the church to a new covered entrance in front
  • Relocation of the altar to the back of the sanctuary and installation of a new stage area

We undertook this project as the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic was causing significant restrictions in the St. Louis area. Throughout the project, A. J. Brown complied with all pandemic mandates, helping to ensure the safety of the team working on the construction site and the community at large. These kinds of precautions require meticulous coordination and planning so that deadlines can continue to be met.

Old buildings often hide complicating conditions, and as we began work on this project, we uncovered a few. For instance, removal of the old stage area revealed a subfloor that needed to be replaced. And once we removed the HVAC mezzanine, we discovered we would need to stiffen the existing structure with back-to-back, 30-foot-long 2×12 boards. This work had to be done 15 feet in the air, without a lift, as the sanctuary floor could not withstand the weight. We also took extra measures to ensure rain leaks from the existing steeple did not damage new walls.

While our renovation and construction work was underway, St. Luke’s was also receiving a new sound system. Our team worked closely with the engineers overseeing that work, making sure that both processes were as seamless as possible.

We completed work at St. Luke’s on October 9, 2020. Darrell VankyGrifka, our project manager, says, “Though we certainly faced some challenges with this project, I’m happy to say we were able to finish the work on time and on budget.” Our client says, “We appreciate the professional way A. J. Brown conducted day-to-day operations. Members of the team were polite and courteous to everyone here at St. Luke’s UMC.” All of us are looking forward to working together on Phase II.

“We appreciate the professional way A. J. Brown conducted day-to-day operations. Members of the team were polite and courteous to everyone here at St. Luke’s UMC.”

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

Working for you

A.J. Brown is committed to clear communication and time-proven management strategies, all designed to deliver a construction project that meets client goals. “We make it our business to understand our clients’ business objectives so we can help them succeed,” says Rendleman. “We’re here to make you look good.”

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