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Newsletter – Issue 20

Newsletter – Issue 20
August 17, 2019 A.J. Brown

Newsletter – Issue 20

A.J. Brown Manages Pinnacle Imports Renovation

Pinnacle Imports, a hybrid distributor of artisanal and fine wines throughout Missouri, opened a new St. Louis location in April. The renovation project was professional managed by the team at A.J. Brown.

Since 2008, Pinnacle Imports had occupied a 14,000-square-foot space just west of The Hill in Knox Industrial Park. Its new location, which covers more than 28,000 square feet at 1681 Walton Road in Overland, Mo., features a large warehouse, multiple offices, reception area, conference room and kitchen.

How It All Started

“I have known (A.J. Brown Principal) Doug (Rendleman) for many years, but I had never been part of a construction project like this,” Pinnacle Imports President Bill Kniep said. “My trust level with Doug was very high, and I knew he would take good care of us.”

After outgrowing its previous location, Pinnacle Imports started actively seeking a new space in July 2018. A.J. Brown assisted with every step of the process, which resulted in the location just east of Interstate 170 and Page Avenue. Demolition started last December.

“We spoke to several companies and evaluated multiple bids, but I felt most comfortable with A.J. Brown from the beginning,” Kniep said. “I gave the A.J. Brown staff my vision with a little preliminary direction, but it really came down to them doing what they do.”

The Project Details

In the span of approximately four months, A.J. Brown conducted a total renovation on the newly-acquired facility. In addition to the large warehouse, multiple offices, reception area, conference room and kitchen, highlights included a new roof, lighting and HVAC system.

The refurbished warehouse was the most important component for Pinnacle Imports because wine needs to be stored at 68-to-70 degrees year-round.

“We communicated the need for a temperature-controlled environment, and they delivered,” Kniep said. “Wine is very fragile, so maintaining our cases at 70 degrees-or-colder is critical. Our products can be easily damaged if they aren’t taken care of properly.”

A.J. Brown provided supervision plus all permits, equipment, tools, labor, clean-up, dumpster and disposal. A new concrete ramp was installed at the loading dock. The project also featured new plumbing fixtures, major electrical work and fire sprinkler protection work.

Making Sure the Client Is Satisfied

“The A.J. Brown team did a phenomenal job, especially with the temperature-controlled warehouse,” Kniep said. “They had several challenges with cold and wet weather (this past spring), so for them to deliver as quickly as they did was truly remarkable. I don’t know if they could have done any better.”

More on Pinnacle Imports

Pinnacle Imports, which was founded by Kniep in 1999, now has 27 employees across the state. In addition to a strong presence in St. Louis, it has a second office in Kansas City. The company celebrated its 20-year anniversary the same month it moved into the new facility.

Pinnacle Imports was established to satisfy the growing need in Missouri for the products of the finest small wineries from around the world. It provides a selection of exciting products that aid in the expansion of the scope of businesses.

The company has a unique combination of passion for and knowledge of its products plus extensive wine-industry experience and a willingness to educate the market. It prides itself on a personal touch and high level of customer service.

A Big Selection & Large Quantities

Pinnacle Imports offers a complete portfolio of domestic wines and is one of the top importers from each major wine-producing country. It can put together an impressive wine list just using the products it carries.

“Wine is made in all 50 states, but most of our domestic products come from California, Oregon or Washington,” Kniep said. “Missouri produces excellent wine despite its challenges with summer weather.”

France is the company’s biggest import country in terms of dollars, and Spain is its biggest in terms of quantity. Pinnacle Imports also deals with Argentina, Australia, Chile, New Zealand and many others.

“We pursue quality wine, regardless of where it comes from,” Kniep added.

In any given year, Pinnacle Imports can handle more than 4,000 types of wine. Direct imports include at least 30 containers with more than 1,000 cases each on an annual basis. It also receives anywhere from 200 to 1,500 cases per week from the coast.

Pinnacle Imports spends its energy working with the top restaurants, retailers, hotels and private clubs in Missouri. It focuses on quality with artisanal wines, but has the capabilities of a bigger company in terms of managing chains and national businesses.

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More on A.J. Brown

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